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Creating – Honeysuckle Yellow

Recently I took two days and plotted out the next book, Honeysuckle Yellow. This book has been on my mind for years. Every once in a while I’d mull over the ideas, adding a bit here and there. So much story finally filled my mind that I had to get it scratched out on paper. When I’m done with the edits for Beatrice Blake, Novice I’ll start the first daft of Anne and Nico’s story.

Honeysuckle by Andrew Hill
Honeysuckle by Andrew Hill

Honeysuckle Yellow takes place in New York city and grew out of two TV shows I watched. Years ago I saw an episode of Selling New York  where the real-estate client, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, caught my eye and I thought he’d make an interesting character. I also liked the situation he found himself in, with three Realtors who oohed and awed over him, but never really listened to what he said he wanted in a home. I wondered what if they had an assistant who heard what the Prince said and on the sly found him just the right place – a little honeysuckle covered cottage?

Maybe a place like this for the the prince?
Maybe a place like this for the the prince?

Then I saw the Sweet Beginnings episode on Turning Point and realized I had the perfect interest for my heroine, Anne. The Sweet Beginnings episode is about Brenda Palms who with help from the Illinois Department of Corrections started an urban beekeeping business to help ex-cons get job training and transition to other employment. Anne is heavily involved in urban gardens and bee keeping in the projects in New York City.

Urban Bees by David B. Gleason
Urban Bees by David B. Gleason


When Anne Shirley O’Maille and Prince Nicolanio Padovan cross paths in her aunt’s real estate office it is the start of something magical.

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Happily Ever After


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