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Monday- A Day in the Life of ME – writer, mom, wife, cosplayer, volunteer, …

The goal is to start writing by 8 a.m, at the latest, but it’s noon and I’m just now putting my fingers on the keyboard. alarm clockTo be fair, it’s also a Monday, which means the house needed a bit of putting together after the weekend. I’ve been eager to get back to my daily routine of writing. There has been a three week hiatus as I focused the first week on helping with a writing retreat, the second week finalizing costumes and then attending Comic Con, and the third week dealing with a nasty virus.

view from my writing room

I put my feet on the floor at 7 a.m. This is a little late for me, by about an hour and a half.

Yes, I’m usually one of those strange morning people who likes to watch the sun rise over the mountains as I work. That virus though, still not back to my normal self. I started with seeing Mr. W off to work. S3, a junior in high school, had left 15 minutes before I got up to drive across the valley to a special technical school he attends for
half the day.
The cats demanded their breakfast. They are trained to receive their food at 7 a.m. and get quite anxious when their bowls are still empty past the appointed time. The cat’s needs tended too I vacuumed the laundry room, where their litter box is stored, and all the other hard surfaces upstairs as well as the carpeted stairs. Simplicity Synchrony Upright VacuumI do this with the built in vacuum, which is great for hard surfaces, but not so good on carpet. Switching to the Simplicity upright, a powerhouse of a vacuum (yes, I’m a bit of a vacuum snob. It’s not a job a love, the noise – uggg – to compensate I demand some of the best equipment I can afford.), I take care of the carpets. A necessity this morning as GS1 (11 months old) ate lunch with us yesterday and the dining table is on carpet (not my choice, the house came that way, as soon as we can we will switch it out – it’s been 3 years now…).
Monday is laundry day. With only three of us at home I find it best to do

Washing machine and dryer, white finish
Washing machine and dryer, white finish

it all in one go. I actually like doing the laundry. I think it goes back to my babyhood and spending time with my father at the laundromat as he washed my diapers. Being a working college student it was probably some of the only time I got him all to myself. I don’t remember these times, but the scent of washing laundry conjures up good comfortable feelings. I sorted the laundry and got the first two of nine loads going. Yep, spoiled, this house came with two laundry rooms (and all the gilmore-girls-groupequipment) one upstairs and one in the basement. Folding will come later this evening as I indulge in watching Gilmore Girls, my current binge watch – I never saw it the first time around.
Today is also the time my missionary son gets to write home. Since I was under the weather yesterday I wrote him an e-mail this morning. And got

by Greg Jordan
by Greg Jordan

sidetracked with social media – but that was okay because I was able to take care of some writing and charity cosplay “business” items that needed to be tended to. A few hours later when his letters came in I wrote back in answer to a pressing question he had. [Some people had given him steaks and he wanted to know the marinade we use and how to cook them – I gave him several ideas for seasoning and how to cook them with both the broiler and on the stove top. He’s resourceful and a good cook, so it will be a nice treat to have the steaks – normally out of his monthly budget allotment].
Breakfast while reading scriptures followed by doing physical therapy exercises and Bibleswitching the laundry. I filled in some details in my journal for the last week, that while feeling so yucky I hadn’t been able to do. I gathered my things to come out to my writing room. A sweet sun-room done up all girly and with things that inspire me. As I was getting ready to walk out to my space, S3 came in from his morning classes. On A Days he’s finished with his computer network system class by 10 and home by 10:30. His classes at the regular high school don’t start until 11:40 which allows him lunch at home. It’s a nice break and it feels like he’s in college. We visited while he ate lunch as I made my bed. He left for school early to tend to some business and I switched more laundry.
Now, to finally get writing. I like to use Todd Henry’s Morning Ritual. He has a great podcast on The Power of A Morning Ritual. I’d already done two steps – read something that inspires me and reflect (or plan out the day). desk1aOnce settled in the sun-room I attempted to meditate for 10 minutes. I haven’t done this in weeks and am sorely out of practice. My mind wandered. For mediation I like to use the sounds on the Sleepy Time app. I picked ‘beach 6’ this day and tried to keep my breathing timed with the rhythm of the waves – waves coming ashore breath in, waves going out exhale. My mind still wandered.

The fourth component of The Morning Ritual is free writing. Essentially this is a brain dump. ink and quillI set the timer for 10 minutes and follow the advice given by Julia Cameron in The Artist Way. I actually really like it and find a lot more personal stuff gets written here than I put in my daily journal/planner. Somehow I’ve given myself permission to be more open, emotional, and free in this brain dump session than I’m able to do in the journal/planner.

It is now 1 p.m. Time to change the laundry. Clean up this rough draft of a blog post and add links and photos. The plan is to work on writing for three hours today – until 3 p.m. then vacuum the basement, do the dishes, fold the laundry and warm up leftovers when Mr. W comes home tonight.

Monday, October 5, 2015

a day in the life of a writer

– not very glamorous –

most days are not.

They are comfortable and when going well have a pleasing rhythm and flow.

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