Mindfully Eating Chocolate

The other day a work associate brought us a box of See’s Candy as a thank you. I placed the box on my desk until the Doc had a moment and I could give it to him. The pretty golden box, containing some of my favorite chocolates, hovered in the corner of my vision for hours. I even posted on Facebook “An associate delivered #seescandy to the office as a thank you.#Moraldilemma – tell my boss and the a.m. receptionist or keep it for myself?”

sees candy

When I showed Doc the box he snatched it up saying “Great, I’ll take it home to my family.” And walked off not even offering me a piece. I posted a follow up to my earlier Facebook message and pouted for a moment.

Was I truly upset? No. But, I did find the incident slightly humorous.

A couple of nights later I was at a writing group meeting. At the end a friend approached and handed me a box of Rocky Mountain Chocolate saying, “for you. And only you. No sharing.”

I was touch.


Especially since I’ve only know this woman for a few months and I see her only once a month.

On my way home, waiting at a red light, I opened the box. Six pretty chocolates were tucked inside.

rocky mt chocolate

I’ve had several thoughts as I’ve slowly savored each piece.

  • I should have given her a hug. The jump up out of my seat and throw my arms around her type hug. I know why I didn’t, I was distracted with other people coming up to talk, and so surprised at this thoughtful act it took a moment for the significance to sink in. You know when someone makes a rude comment and it’s not until you’ve walked away that you finally come up the perfect response – like that only with something positive. It wasn’t until I was in my car and had a moment to take in this kind act that I realized the way I truly wanted to respond.
  • The acts that make this world a kind and gentle place don’t need to be large and showy. Often the most significate to the receiver are what the giver feels to be a small and ordinary thing. Like six chocolates, a smile, a “oh, you have only two items, go in front of me”
  • Part of building and keeping a friendship means taking the time to hear what that person might not even be saying and then acting on it.
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate is good. Very good.

So, with each bite of chocolate I think about:

  • Working on focusing more on the person right in front of me
  • Opening up and showing how I really feel while I’m right there in moment
  • Looking for daily acts where I can be kind and gentle
  • Hearing others with my heart
  • Remembering to try new things, they can be quite delightful

What is one small act that someone did for you that lifted you up and made a difference?

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