Hi All! I’m Sophia. Welcome to Hawks Landing Farm. I’m excited to share with you simple, everyday ways, you can live in a more earth friendly sustainable manner no matter where you dwell: the city, suburbs, or out in the country. My philosophy is any small step, any little change one person makes to their daily habits and routines is a benefit to us all. On occasion you might hear from one of my sons, Arron (16) or David (13), my interns Melissa or Chas, or my veterinarian Bill. My friends, Stella and Marna, have mentioned that they might also chime in on occasion. It takes many hands to keep this farm and school running and I’m pleased to have the help of so many dedicated people.

Alpaca edited by Franz Josef Heinrichs

Hawks Landing Farm is located near the Columbia River in Oregon. We are a small family run operation. In our pasture we have a herd of alpacas that we raise for their fleece, companionship, and because they are so darn cute. A flock of chickens roam the orchard sharing their space with several hives of bees. In the orchard we grow cherries, pears, several varieties of apples, and hazelnuts. We have a greenhouse that lets us get an early jump on the growing season, a field of vegetables, and a field of flowers. The produce and flowers are sold either at nearby farmers markets or direct to local restaurants and small specialty grocers.


A big focus for us at the farm is our education outreach. Classes are held here several times a month. For those, like you blog readers, who find it impossible to join us for hands on classes this blog will serve as your classroom offering up bite sized tips that you can then put into practice in your own homes. One of our dreams is to have a dedicated classroom space and expand our services to include a school-to-farm program where each month select classrooms will be able to spend a day getting their hands dirty and learning where the food they eat each day comes from.

Go ahead and leave a comment telling us about yourself letting me know if there is any special topic or question you’d like to see addressed.

Next week: Autumn is here – tips on what to do with all those leaves

leaves by Ben Dalton 2