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Techniques of a Professional Creative – intro

I developed the presentation Techniques of a Professional Creative, which I’ve given to several writing groups and at a recent writing conference, because I was feeling stalled in my momentum as a writer.  I wanted to learn techniques to become more focused and to take my writing to a higher level. As I studied I came to realize I wasn’t the only professional creative to be feeling this way and the desire to share what I was learning grew. In order to reach more people I’m sharing these ideas in a series of blog posts.  I use the turn writer and writing but these ideas are applicable to any creative endeavor – entrepreneur, musician, artist, etc… Feel free to substitute your personal creative work for the title writer.

Never sacrifice what you want the MOST,

for what you want the most

at that moment.

                                                – James Owen

The things shared in this, and subsequent posts, will help us to keep our eye on what we want most and not get sidetracked with what looks appealing right now. Continue reading “Techniques of a Professional Creative – intro”

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Monday- A Day in the Life of ME – writer, mom, wife, cosplayer, volunteer, …

The goal is to start writing by 8 a.m, at the latest, but it’s noon and I’m just now putting my fingers on the keyboard. alarm clockTo be fair, it’s also a Monday, Continue reading “Monday- A Day in the Life of ME – writer, mom, wife, cosplayer, volunteer, …”